Witness recalls seeing barricaded gunman shoot Washtenaw County Deputy

Deputy expected to be OK

Witness recounts moments before Washtenaw County deputy was shot in Superior Township

SUPERIOR TOWNSHIP, Mich. – What started as a fight between neighbors ended with a Washtenaw County Sheriff’s deputy shot and the suspected gunman dead.

Early signs show the man died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday morning.

Before all the chaos started Wednesday at an apartment complex in Superior Township, Dakota Turner was unknowingly right there with the gunman.

“I’m going around and I see this guy and he’s got a really like mean stare on his face,” recalled Turner.

Turner was working his landscaping job in the neighborhood and thought offering this strange man some help was the right thing to do. Instead he said it sparked anger.

“When I approached him and said something to him, it must have just been the straw that broke the camel’s back. He freaks out on me, picks up a rock and starts throwing rocks at my face,” said Turner.

Luckily the young man’s father was working the same job and called him over to a safer area -- not knowing he saved his son from danger.

“When I get to my dad on the other side of the complex, I’m hearing gun fire,” said Turner frantically.

From there, Turner says he tried getting the attention of a deputy on scene. Sadly he believes it was those actions that put the same deputy in harms way.

“I ran over to this police officer and the dude took two right in front of me man. He spun around and got hit. It was my fault. I distracted him for that split second,” added Turner.

At some point, he even tried to save the deputy after he had been hit.

“I was going to drag him behind the dumpster. My Adrenaline is pretty much ran out at this point. I’m just exhausted. Anxiety is through the roof,” Turner concluded.

Local 4 has been told the Deputy who was shot is expected to be OK.

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