Inside the traffic stop that set off suspect in Michigan terror plot and led FBI to start arrests

FBI was alarmed and worried that police officers might be targeted

Inside the traffic stop that set off kidnap plot suspect, leading FBI to start arrests.

DETROIT – With so much information pouring in on the Michigan domestic terror plot for informants many are questioning why the FBI jumped in and arrested the group on Oct. 7.

The Local 4 Defenders are sharing one good reason why.

On Sept. 19 just 28 days ago the Local 4 Defenders obtained a Canton police video of a traffic stop.

The officer had no idea that the FBI had been watching Brandon Caserta and others for months regarding a plot to kidnap or kill Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

As traffic stops go this one was quick and quiet. Caserta would not even have to pay a fine for not having insurance.

After the stop, Caserta was on his YouTube channel raging against police taking money from citizens.

The FBI watched the videos. Two FBI informants on the inside of the group sent agents encrypted messages they say were from Caserta.

In the messages Caserta noted he found out who the officers were in the traffic stop, where they lived and that he could easily kill them.

The informants recorded Caserta then raging against the government. He allegedly said he wanted to start killing as many police officers as possible to add to the kidnapping plot.

Sources say it was this traffic stop and the threats afterwards that led the FBI to swoop in and arrest the group.

Additionally, the FBI was alarmed and worried that police officers might be targeted, sources say.

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