Detroit apartment fire that injured 3 likely caused by stoves used for heat

Residents say the heat in the apartment complex hasn’t been working properly

Residents using stoves for heat likely cause of apartment building fire on Detroit's east side

DETROIT – Investigators with the Detroit Fire Department believe residents’ stoves that were being used for heat could be to blame for an apartment fire on Detroit’s east side.

“It’s freezing in here,” said Obsession Hill.

Obsession Hill said the cold is something her and her neighbors are dealing with inside the Rosebrook Manor Apartments on East Seven Mile Road, between Hoover Street and Outer Drive.

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Hill said the heat inside their apartments has not working correctly and it’s been that way for a while.

Early Wednesday morning the building caught on fire. It caused heavy damage on the second level. Fire crews said someone used their stove to stay warm during the night.

“We’re using the stove to produce heat to warm the apartments up to a comfortable level because it’s cold,” Hill said. “We shouldn’t have to live like this being that we pay rent here.”

Her neighbor down the hall said she just got home from work when the fire started

“Last night, I came home around 3 a.m. in the morning, the fire started and my neighbor knocked on my door,” said Martha Ficfaryen.

Now they want answers.

“I do know Local 4 did try to get in connection with the management company,” said Hall.

Local 4 talked to maintenance crews and at first they wouldn’t come outside, but about 10 minutes later, they agreed to do an interview. They said the landlord recently died and his family is now taking over.

“The work is being done. It has got to get fixed. They’re going to fix everything that got to be fixed. They’re not going to leave it,” said Ken Tilmon.