Detroit community leaders call for more action to address gun violence

‘It’s like the Devil has a contract on our children’

Community leaders: More needs to be done to address rise in gun violence

DETROIT – Gun violence involving children has been a constant heartbreaking occurrence over the past few days.

There have been several shootings, including a deadly shooting of a 2-year-old on I-75 and a 12-year-old killed while playing with a gun on Detroit’s Eastside.

“It’s been so many shootings on freeways recently that it’s literally disgusting,” said Randi Rossario with Oh So Radio.

Host of “Oh So Radio” and community activist Randi Rossario made those comments on her Instagram page just hours after 2-year-old Brison Christian was shot and killed inside his family’s car on Interstate 75.

His older brother was also shot but survived.

This latest shooting was just one of many involving kids in just six days. That’s why Rossario challenged the people of Detroit to help out her friend, Brian Christian and his family. Rossario said she wanted to do more than just call for change.

“Me basically challenging people, saying, ‘Hey, I have $1,000 that I want to give right now, what can you give?’” Rossario said.

“So many people have been reaching out to us,” said Brian Christian.

Brian Christian said the last couple of days have been tough, but he’s fighting for his son and against the violence that killed him.

“I want to keep my son’s name alive, and I also want to spread awareness about freeway shootings and gun violence, period,” said Brian Christian.

“There’s a murder demon over our city, man, and it’s like the Devil has a contract on our children,” said Pastor Mo.

Community Activist Pastor Mo said we can no longer just talk or police our way out of this.

“Number one is prayer. It’s going to have to start at home with the parents, but the problem is sometimes home is the problem,” Pastor Mo said. “You have to invest into mentorship, invest into programs that’s willing to get out here and get their hands dirty. So it’s time for us to step all of the way up, from the top to the bottom.”

If you want to help out the Christian family and donate via GoFund Me, click here.