Residents frustrated with constant water in basements in Detroit, St. Clair Shores

‘I’m constantly dealing with the flooding, cleaning my basement out, trying to find help.’

Flooding frustration for Detroit neighbors dealing with basement water again

DETROIT – Although the flooding was not as bad as the June storms, many homeowners experienced water in their basements and neighborhood again from Detroit to St. Clair Shores.

“It rained yesterday, it rained hard. It was stormy and windy,” said Loretta Powell.

Powell, who lives on Montclair Street on Detroit’s east side, said every time it rains, she heads downstairs.

“I checked the basement last night, it was just a little water coming in but when I got up this morning and checked and see, there was water back up on the floor again, close to my heater,” she said.

Powell said it’s nothing like the June storms but she’s fed up.

“I’m constantly dealing with the flooding, cleaning my basement out, trying to find help,” she said.

But she feels like help is no where to be found.

“Back when we had the 2014 flood, they knew this was happening. They knew our infrastructure was weak, they knew all of this. ... We are surrounded by water, so that should be the No. 1 priority is our infrastructure,” she said.

There was flooding in the neighborhoods of St. Clair Shores also. Meanwhile, Powell is worried about the bigger picture.

“Once you have flooding, you can’t even sell your home. Nobody wants to purchase no home, that’s been flooded before,” she said.

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