4th shooting at Ecorse apartment complex in last week results in death of 27-year-old man

Residents fearful as violent crimes escalate at apartment community

ECORSE, Mich. – A 27-year-old was fatally shot at Renaissance Estates of Ecorse this week.

Ladonte Brooks-Rivers was a young father who was killed Saturday night. According to his family, he was shot 10 times.

“They killing the babies, they the killing women, they are acting like it’s open season like it’s O.K. Corral, it’s not OK,” said Rico Eady, the uncle of Brooks-Rivers.

This is the fourth shooting that has taken place at Renaissance Estates of Ecorse this week. At least 20 of the 200 units have bullet holes, forcing some families to move out and others to stay silent. Residents are urging local police departments to help combat the rising crime.

Property managers of the apartment complex said they had hired private security, but the last company quit after their car was shot up. Managers said they plan to install a $60,000 security camera system in the near future.

“It’s kinda crazy down here,” said Eady. “Ecorse and River Rouge, they down here killing each other, and somehow the police can’t find the people doing the killing.”

On May 26, a 6-year-old child playing outside a River Rouge apartment complex was caught in the crossfire of a shooting and grazed by a bullet. That 6-year-old girl, Tonina Johnson, was shot less than a mile away from the Renaissance Estates of Ecorse with a high-powered assault rifle.

Last week, families at the apartment complex said they are living in fear as violent crimes in the area increase. In August 2021, parents Local 4 spoke with said they’re afraid their children will get shot while playing outside their home. They said gun violence and crime had increased dramatically.

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Ebony Stephens is another victim of gun violence. Stephens was sitting in her SUV last month at the Renaissance Estates of Ecorse with her three-year-old son, who was in the backseat when a man pulled out a gun. The event was so traumatizing Stephens was in a coma for two days. She was released from the hospital on May 20.

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Eady said that he knows that his nephew was not an angel but tells Local 4 that nobody deserves to be shot 10 times.

“It’s a shame. They might need to send the FBI, state police, and the county sheriff. They need some help down here cause these kids are killing each other,” said Eady.

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