Neighbors shocked after Oakland County man killed by police after allegedly shooting wife and daughter

‘I said hello to him a couple days ago’

Tragedy in Walled Lake, man killed after shooting his wife and daughter

Walled Lake, Mich. – A Walled Lake man was shot and killed by police after fatally shooting his wife and injuring his daughter at their home early Sunday morning.

The man had no prior history, and many are wondering what caused him to snap, turning things deadly.

A nearby neighbor, told Local 4, “I’m surprised by this it. I’m shocked by it, to be honest.”

Neighbors in the Walled Lake subdivision like Stephen Petris cannot believe a domestic situation spun out of control so close to home.

Stephen Petris tells us he “heard a loud bang. Wasn’t sure exactly what it was. And I thought it was a car muffle backfire.”

Oakland County Sheriff, Micheal Bouchard, said that the loud bang was the sound of 53-year-old Igor Lanis shooting and killing his 56-year-old wife, the family dog, and injuring his 25-year-old daughter.

It happened around 4:11 a.m. on Sunday morning at a home on Glenwood Drive. The 25-year-old daughter called the police. She was reportedly so distraught, she couldn’t even tell 911 operators her address, police had to triangulate her general location.

Sheriff Bouchard said, “I think she said she couldn’t feel her legs. So obviously the injury is pretty substantial.”

Cops were investigating when they heard another gunshot. As they started to move towards the gunshots, a man walked out of a home and started shooting at the approaching officers. Police had to use deadly force.

“I think there was danger to anybody. In fact, he had his keys with him when he engaged the officer and the deputy with the gunfire, so who knows where he was headed,” said Sheriff Bouchard.

Officials are saying the young girl was trying to crawl out of the house when police finally made it inside. The wife had been shot in the back four times with a handgun and the daughter was shot in the back of the legs. It appeared as though they were both trying to leave the house.

The dog was shot multiple times with a shotgun, neighbors had seen the man walk that same dog on a regular basis. “He often walked his dog. He had a fluffy white dog that we would see often, and the dog was beautiful so that’s kinda how we knew him, the guy with the fluffy white dog,” said a neighbor.

“I said hello to him a couple days ago as I was doing some yard work, I got no response back from the guy. He just had his head down walking his dog. That’s the only interaction I had with him,” Stephen Petris says.

There is reportedly another daughter that lives at the house, but was not home when the incident took place.

This is the first officer-involved shooting for the Walled Lake Police Department.

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