Coronavirus in Michigan: Here’s what to know Sept. 19, 2020

695 new cases of COVID-19 reported Friday

Michigan COVID-19 data through Sept. 18, 2020. (WDIV)

DETROIT – The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan has risen to 115,387 as of Friday, including 6,638 deaths, state officials report.

Friday’s update represents 695 new cases and six additional deaths. On Thursday, the state totals were 114,692 cases and 6,632 deaths.

New COVID-19 cases and deaths remain flat in Michigan. Testing has remained steady, with an average of more than 30,000 per day, with the positive rate between 3 and 3.5 percent. The state reported its highest one-day testing total with more than 41,000 diagnostic tests on Aug. 21.

Hospitalizations have increased slightly over the last month but remain lower than in April. Ventilator use is at its lowest point since tracking.

Michigan has reported 85,513 recoveries. The state also reports “active cases,” which were listed at 22,600 as of Thursday. Michigan’s 7-day moving average for daily cases was 739 on Thursday. The state’s fatality rate is 5.8 percent.

VIEW: Tracking Michigan COVID-19 testing data

Utica Community Schools begins transition to in-person learning

The remote start to school has been tough for most parents, even more so for Kristin Rosales who has twin girls in first grade and a son in fifth grade.

Rosales learned her district -- Utica Community Schools -- is bringing students back, starting with kindergarten, first grade and special education students.

"I was very excited when we got the email today (Friday) that we are going to start with K-1 going back. I think it is a good way to do it, a gradual process. They are definitely the ones probably struggling the most right now, " Rosales said.

More East Lansing houses ordered to quarantine

The Ingham County Health Department has ordered residents of 39 large houses in East Lansing to self-quarantine amid an ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak among the Michigan State University community.

Ingham County Health Officer Linda S. Vail issued an emergency order on Thursday afternoon to place an additional 11 houses and their residents under a mandatory quarantine.

2-month-old child dies from coronavirus

A 2-month-old Michigan child has reportedly died from coronavirus (COVID-19).

Officials from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) said Wednesday that the child is the youngest person they know of to die from the virus.

Big Ten reinstates fall football season, with games scheduled to begin Oct. 23-24

The Big Ten announced Wednesday that it has reinstated the 2020 fall football season, with games scheduled to begin Oct. 23-24.

The Big Ten Council of Presidents and Chancellors voted unanimously to resume the football season, the conference announced.

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Daily coronavirus (COVID-19) testing of players, coaches and anyone involved with Big Ten football teams will begin Sept. 30, officials said.

Tracking coronavirus cases, outbreaks in Michigan schools

Michigan has started tracking coronavirus outbreaks in schools across the state.

Data on COVID-19 outbreaks is being collected from the 45 local health departments across the state weekly. A COVID-19 outbreak is defined as two or more cases with a link by place and time indicating a shared exposure outside of a household.

Outbreak data will be updated each Monday at 3 p.m., and will include K-12, college and university school name, address, number of cases and if the cases involved staff, students or both.

Students or staff exposed to COVID-19 outside the school building and are not thought to have spread the virus in the school due to quarantine or self-isolation are not included in the data.

View the data here.

Coronavirus headlines:

Michigan COVID-19 daily reported cases since Sept. 1:

  • Sept. 1 -- 718 new cases
  • Sept. 2 -- 524 new cases
  • Sept. 3 -- 685 new cases
  • Sept. 4 -- 982 new cases
  • Sept. 5 -- 838 new cases
  • Sept. 6 -- 578 new cases
  • Sept. 7 -- 578 new cases
  • Sept. 8 -- 441 new cases
  • Sept. 9 -- 783 new cases
  • Sept. 10 -- 924 new cases
  • Sept. 11 -- 1,313 new cases
  • Sept. 12 -- 692 new cases
  • Sept. 13 -- 544 new cases
  • Sept. 14 -- 544 new cases
  • Sept. 15 -- 571 new cases
  • Sept. 16 -- 680 new cases
  • Sept. 17 -- 829 new cases
  • Sept. 18 -- 695 new cases

Michigan COVID-19 daily reported deaths since Sept. 1:

  • Sept. 1 -- 15 new deaths (8 from vital records)
  • Sept. 2 -- 14 new deaths
  • Sept. 3 -- 10 new deaths (9 from vital records)
  • Sept. 4 -- 7 new deaths
  • Sept. 5 -- 8 new deaths
  • Sept. 6 -- 2 new deaths
  • Sept. 7 -- 2 new deaths
  • Sept. 8 -- 1 new death
  • Sept. 9 -- 13 new deaths
  • Sept. 10 -- 17 new deaths (9 from vital records)
  • Sept. 11 -- 9 new deaths
  • Sept. 12 -- 13 deaths, all from vital records
  • Sept. 13 -- 5 new deaths
  • Sept. 14 -- 5 new deaths
  • Sept. 15 -- 11 new deaths (5 from vital records)
  • Sept. 16 -- 11 new deaths
  • Sept. 17 -- 9 new deaths (5 from vital records)
  • Sept. 18 -- 6 new deaths

Coronavirus resources:

Here is the moving 7-day average of COVID-19 cases in Michigan:

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