Nightside Report Feb. 16, 2021: Michigan residents say there are problems with online unemployment system, Detroit man helps neighbors clear driveways, sidewalks of snow

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Michigan residents say there are problems with online unemployment system, struggle to get benefits

DETROIT – People in Michigan trying to file for unemployment or update a claim said they have been struggling to get the benefits they need.

Officials said several upgrades have been made in the last few months, but there are two major problems that are persisting despite those upgrades.

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The latest: Michigan coronavirus cases up to 576,264; Death toll now at 15,177

Metro Detroit weather: Temperatures tumble Tuesday night to coldest point in more than 2 years

Temperatures tumble tonight to our coldest point in more than two years. And rest up after shoveling, because we’ll be back at it Friday morning.

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4 Fast Facts

  • For nearly 30 years, Andrew Flint has been clearing off his entire block following major snowstorms and it’s a good deed that will continue to happen. Click here to read more.
  • Officers from Detroit Police Department’s second precinct stepped up and took care of the problem, handling the shoveling for the elderly woman and other seniors in need. Click here to read more.
  • Many people made sure they attended the vaccination appointments they had Tuesday in Macomb County. Click here to read more.
  • The late Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon was a transcendent figure. He spent most of his law enforcement career with the Detroit Police Department becoming police chief in 1998. Click here to read more.

Be Informed

College admissions requirements changing due to COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is having a major impact on the college admissions process.

For high school students, the SAT and ACT tests can consume most of their attention -- until now. Requirements are changing due to the pandemic.

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Some concerned Biden administration extension of foreclosure moratorium to June 30 is not enough

“It definitely, you know, helps address or prevent a kind of immediate catastrophe. However, it still leaves a lot to be desired. And a lot unresolved,” said Tristan Taylor with Detroit Will Breathe.

Detroit Will Breathe has been fighting to stop evictions throughout the pandemic and points out this extension only applies to government-backed mortgages.

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