Nightside Report Aug. 5, 2021: Video shows 2 men steal dogs from trainer at gunpoint, New data released on effectiveness of Moderna’s COVID vaccine

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Doorbell video shows dogs being snatched from home

Video shows 2 men, one with GPS tether, steal dogs from trainer at gunpoint

DETROIT – Video was posted on social media that showed dogs being snatched from a Detroit home. Those dogs have since been returned to their owners.

Towanna Jackson and LaShawn Peterson said the trainer was working on making their two dogs office and home trained. One was a french bulldog named Bruno and the other is a french bulldog and boston terrier mix named Bella.

“We dropped our dogs at a trainer. He was a reputable trainer. We did check for his references and things,” Towanna Jackson said.

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Michigan COVID: Here’s what to know Aug. 5, 2021

Metro Detroit weather: Muggy, hot air brings multiple upcoming thunderstorm chances

Temperatures are now peaking above normal, but the humidity won’t spike until the weekend.

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4 Fast Facts

  • A Detroit police officer, who was caught on camera punching a man in Greektown, has been suspended. Click here to read more.
  • Tikiya Allen, 18, was killed while riding her bicycle in Detroit when she was caught in the crossfire of someone else’s feud, police say. Click here to read more.
  • Several residents were forced to leave their homes Thursday morning after a fire overcame multiple buildings of a Westland apartment complex. Click here to read more.
  • A major shift is happening in an auto industry that has been fighting higher fuel efficiency standards and electrification for years. Click here to read more.

Be Informed

New data released on effectiveness of Moderna’s COVID vaccine

There has been encouraging new data released regarding the effectiveness of the Moderna COVID vaccine.

There is still disagreement over if, and when, a booster shot might be needed for otherwise healthy individuals. Moderna said its COVID vaccine remains highly effective for at least six months.

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Buying a fake COVID-19 vaccination card is a crime and puts public at risk, FBI warns

Concern over fake COVID-19 vaccination cards are growing as some cities, universities and events require proof of your vaccination status or a negative COVID test.

The FBI is issuing a warning for people trying to buy or sell fake cards, reminding people that it’s illegal and puts public health at risk.

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