5th student faces judge in Warren De La Salle football hazing case

Total of 7 students face charges

WARREN, Mich. – Another student accused of being involved in the Warren De La Salle High School football hazing investigation went in front of a judge Tuesday.

Cleveland Harville III, 18, entered a not guilty plea and was given a $1,000 bond. He’s being home schooled, so if he posts bond he cannot have contact with the victim, enter De La Salle property or demonstrate “any assaultive behavior.”

His attorney, Greg Rohl, spoke about the case after the arraignment.

“Two people come out of the woodwork, allegedly, and made different claims and gave them new evidence," Rohl said. "I haven’t seen it. ... At this juncture, I’m very confident my client will be vindicated and eventually will secure some justice himself.”

Rohl mentioned his client might have been at Disneyland at the time of the alleged hazing incident.

“I feel also bad for the gentlemen who have scholarships and are potentially jeopardizing their football scholarships over this, what amounts to be B.S.," Rohl said. "This jeopardizes everyone’s future prospects for no good reason.”

Rohl said he believes within the next 30 days his client will demonstrate that he wasn’t involved in any assaultive behavior. Then there will be a “civil remedy” from his side, Rohl said.

You can watch the full arraignment below.

You can hear Rohl’s comments in the video below.

Four other players made their first appearances in court on Monday.

Galiko Lovelace, Michael Young, Sean Bonery and Ricky Pearson were on video in court for arraignment. All four entered not guilty pleas and were given $1,000 bonds. They were instructed not to have contact with the victims or show “any assaultive behavior.” They were also told not to leave the state of Michigan.

Harville was also charged as an adult, and the other two will be charged as minors.

From left to right: Galiko Lovelace, Michael Young, Ricky Pearson, Sean Bonery (WDIV)

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Hazing investigation

Warren police conducted an investigation into the De La Salle football program after the team forfeited its Michigan high school playoff game due to allegations of hazing. When officials completed their investigation, they recommended charges against three students -- an 18-year-old and two 16-year-olds.

Investigators said the incident happened Oct. 19 at a team dinner. Many of the younger players knew the hazing was coming, so they ran from their teammates, officials said.

Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said an investigation revealed the students allegedly held a victim to the floor of the locker room and used a broom during the incident.

Waren police said charges will be brought against seven people -- five as adults and two as minors. They will face misdemeanor charges of either assault or assault and battery, according to the Warren Police Department.

Prosecutors revealed Jan. 28 that they didn’t have enough evidence to take the case to court, suggesting the school officials withheld important documents and saying important evidence was destroyed before they received the case.

The next day, a new victim came forward. The family of a football player who said he was victimized during the alleged hazing was unhappy with the prosecutors’ decision. They said they were willing to talk to police.

A second accuser came forward the following day -- less than 48 hours after the prosecutors’ decision not to file charges.

On Feb. 13, more than 100 De La Salle parents gathered to share their disgust about how the school handled the allegations.

Coverage timeline

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