Nightside Report Dec. 11, 2020: University of Michigan professor explains voting ‘No’ on COVID vaccine; Family seeks justice in 2012 murder of Eastern Michigan University student

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View of Detroit from the Windsor sky camera on Sept. 19, 2020 at 9:15 p.m. (WDIV)

Why a University of Michigan professor voted ‘No’ on Pfizer’s COVID vaccine

DETROIT – The University of Michigan’s Dr. A. Oveta Fuller specializes in immunology and microbiology.

The FDA advisory committee that recommended the Pfizer vaccine largely agreed it was safe and effective. 17 members voted for it and four voted against it.

One of those No votes came from Oveta, a virologist and viral pathogen researcher. She said she was concerned about the vaccine’s long-term impact.

Michigan coronavirus cases up to 426,294; Death toll now at 10,456

Metro Detroit weather: Cloudy Friday evening, rainy Friday night

Temperatures remain above freezing this evening and tonight and for much of the weekend. This is key because we are precipitation arriving. The higher temps mean rain instead of snow. Does become chillier but, fortunately, drier next week.

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