Basement floods of Detroit mother with 2-week-old baby

Thousands impacted by flooding across Metro Detroit

Thousands of Metro Detroiters were impacted by flooding across the area.

DETROIT – Overnight storms caused flooding across Metro Detroit. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer declared a State of Emergency due to the impact of the flooding Saturday.

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“I thought it was just little random water, but when I went to the stairs, I couldn’t even get down the stairs,” said Dawnitta Morris.

Dawnitta Morris recorded the video of the water leaking into her basement early Saturday morning. What she thought was just a leak quickly turned the lower level of her home into a swimming pool.

“The water had the hot water tank, the furnace, everything almost covered up. I had numerous things in the basement and I lost all of my stuff down there,” said Morris.

Morris is like thousands of people across Detroit who are dealing with heavy flooding in their homes and cars Saturday, but her case is a little different.

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“I have a new born infant in there that just turned two weeks today. My car even got destroyed. The water was up to my door handles and I drive a truck and my truck flooded out,” Morris said. “My baby car seat, stroller, everything was in there.”

The heavy rains swept through Metro Detroit Friday night into Saturday morning. The water swallowed pretty much everything, including several highways. Our cameras were all across the area. We saw damage in Dearborn, Dearborn Heights and in Detroit. The Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood got hit hard.

Several people left their cars stranded on the roads. You can see the Local 4 Traffic Map here.

In Southwest Detroit, one man had to save his family who were inside their car from the flooding. Although the water is mostly gone now, many are nervous about the storms predicted to come in the upcoming days.

But until then, Morris is counting her blessings.

“It’s materialistic stuff,” Morris said. “It can be replaced, but I’m glad me and my kids are alright.”

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