Several Metro Detroit roads experience flooding due to Friday rain

MDOT urge residents to not drive through waters

According to the Michigan Department of Transportation, all northbound lanes on M-10 are closed at Jefferson Avenue because of flooding as of 11:39 a.m. Friday.

DETROIT – Pooling on roads and freeways became a large problem Friday as rain hit the area.

I-94 at the Lodge Freeway was closed due to flooding and the northbound lanes of the Lodge Freeway closed at the TCF Center, where police freed a person trapped in their vehicle.

Dearborn, still recovering from June’s floods, also experienced flooding Friday. Schaefer Road near Rotunda Drive experienced flooding. A construction zone near the area was submerged. Authorities have blocked off the area to prevent people from getting close to the waters.

Mack Avenue, between I-75 and Woodward Avenue, was quickly flooded as the rain started Friday.

Southfield Freeway at Paul Avenue was backed up due to the rising water.

MDOT said there is water ponding on I-94 and is urging residents to remain diligent.

“We’re happy to say that we have power in all of our pumphouses, so those are all continuing to work with power. Where we are seeing flooding and ponding on the freeways, the low lying areas of the freeways,” said MDOT’s Diane Cross. “We believe the rain has washed debris into those drains and it only takes one plastic bag that’s been washed in from topside or wherever to keep the water from going down.”

Officials said there were people driving the wrong way on freeway ramps to avoid the water, MDOT is urging residents to not do that.

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