Detroit police to sift through debris for evidence in landfill search for Zion Foster’s remains

Searchers plan to begin ‘phase 2′

LENOX TOWNSHIP, Mich.Detroit police are expected to start phase two of a massive search of a Lenox Township landfill to find missing Eastpointe teen Zion Foster.

The search began on May 31, phase two is expected to start on June 15. Around 70 people are expected to be assisting in the search each day.

During phase two, searchers will remove sections of the search area and place them onto two 50′x50′ search decks. Searchers will look through the debris for evidence.

When the debris is cleared, it will be removed. Then another section of the area will be placed onto the decks to be searched. Police expect phase two to last around five days.

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What happened to Zion Foster?

Foster disappeared on Jan. 4. Her cousin, Jaylin Brazier, was the last person to see her alive. Brazier, 23, was sentenced to prison in March for lying to authorities about his involvement in Foster’s disappearance.

He originally denied seeing his cousin at all, only to admit weeks later that he had thrown her body in a dumpster. Brazier said he panicked when he suddenly found his cousin dead, and that’s why he took her body to a dumpster.

Police are searching a 100x100 foot area of Pine Tree Acres landfill in Lenox Township. The landfill is massive.

“To know that my baby has to be recovered from trash,” Foster’s mother, Ciera Milton, said. “It’s just so much to miss out on.”

Milton has been begging police for months to search the landfill for her daughter.

“One, Zion is likely deceased and two, that her remains were placed in a dumpster that was then later transported to a landfill here in Lenox Township,” Detroit police Commander Mike McGinnis said earlier this month.

The search could last as long as seven to eight weeks from start to finish. Waste management said that area has not been disturbed since they got the call from police to preserve it.

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