The NIGHTSIDE report -- Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018

Detroit mayor followed by private investigators


Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and his wife released a statement Thursday saying a man hired private investigators to follow the mayor without his knowledge and tried to create a negative judgment about his marriage.


Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan says 'angry litigant' had him followed by private investigators

4 fast facts

  • Multiple area counties under winter weather advisory that could impact the morning commute. Read more .

  • Detroit police are still investigating after an officer shot at a dog and the bullet hit a home. Learn more .

  • Nails were found scattered around the Ferndale Police Department for the second time in two weeks. Read more .

  • Highland Park's 'Mama Shu' has created a place where neighborhood children can study. Learn more .

Be informed

"Move Over Law" updated

Gov. Rick Snyder signed into a law an expansion of the "Move Over Law," which required drivers to slow to 10 mph below the posted speed limit, as well as to yield their lane, when passing police or emergency vehicles on the side of the road.


Fewer deer hunters

In 1995, Michigan's peak hunting season saw about 700,000 hunters in the woods. This year, it's 600,000, and the state projects that by 2035, it will be less than 400,000.


Robbers hit open gas station

Smash-and-grab robbers slammed into a gas station while it was open early Thursday morning on Detroit's west side.


Planned hit on Jeep

Police are looking for a Jeep and its driver in the shooting death of a man on Detroit's east side.


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