Family, friends pray for justice for 6-year-old boy killed in Warren double murder

Tai’raz Moore was shot execution style

Vigil held for 6-year-old boy shot execution style in Warren

DETROIT – On a day when there’s a new development in the search for his killer, a vigil was held to remember Tai’raz Moore.

The 6-year-old boy was shot execution style in the basement of a Warren home. His father and his father’s girlfriend, Isis Rimson, were also murdered.

A song of inspiration filled the Erma Henderson Park in Detroit as about 200 family and friends gathered Friday night to celebrate Tai’raz’s life.

“It’s time for us to stand up and protect our babies,” said a friend of the family.

Many people in Metro Detroit said the news of Tai’raz, his father and Rimson’s murders were sickening.

“What’s going on in our communities is just unacceptable,” said Tai’raz’s grandfather.

Tai’raz Moore (WDIV)

That frustration was echoed loud and clear throughout Friday night’s prayer vigil.

“The people who did this to my grandson and the people in that house, came from a place of darkness,” he added.

Detroit City Councilwoman Mary Sheffield said the violence must stop.

“That’s what we want to talk about today -- how we all can come together and not be reactive but proactive to make sure this doesn’t happen,” Sheffield said.

Tai’raz’s mother, Brittany Thompson, addressed the crowd and said, “I’m so overwhelmed, from the support. Because without this, I would not make it."

"That was my only son, that was my baby and y’all took him from me. You’re not human, you’re an animal... I promise you, they’re going to catch you,” she added.

Detroit police is helping out with this investigation. They do have a person of interest in custody.

There is a Go Fund account set up.