Nightside Report June 2, 2021: Ann Arbor family home vandalized with racist message, Genesee County hosts expungement fair, rain showers to continue overnight

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The family wants people to know that racism still exists and can even come to your front door.
The family wants people to know that racism still exists and can even come to your front door. (WDIV)

Racist message found written on Ann Arbor family home

DETROIT – A 10-year-old girl -- born to a Black father and white mother -- found a racist message written in permanent marker on the door frame of their Ann Arbor home.

“I want people to around Michigan, around Ann Arbor, to know this happens,” said the father.

The family’s identity is being withheld over concerns they could be targeted again, but they said it is important to show what the daughter found on their door in the middle of Ann Arbor.

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The latest: Michigan coronavirus cases up to 889,001; Death toll now at 19,209

Metro Detroit weather: Rain showers expected overnight, taper off into Thursday morning

Showers will continue to stream through southeast Michigan until just before the morning commute on Thursday. The highest totals will still be on the east side and South Zone. But the northern and western edges of our area look like they’ll see at least some rain.

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4 Fast Facts

  • Many members of a Livingston County community are outraged after photos of Brighton High School senior in Black Face have surfaced online. Click here to read more.
  • Paul Whelan is still in a Russian prison, but he was able to make a call to a CNN reporter, in which he begged for help to secure his freedom. Click here to read more.
  • Genesee County expungement fair is first of several expected around Michigan. Click here to read more.
  • Teenagers have become the most sought after employees to keep the labor force afloat during the COVID pandemic. Click here to read more.

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Study: Children at risk of heart dysfunction, developing inflammatory syndrome post-COVID-19 infection

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) has been a mysterious and frightening consequence of COVID-19.

Researchers at Children’s Hospital of Michigan found that children who develop MIS-C after a COVID infection are at high risk for suffering a decrease in heart function. It could make it difficult for the heart to pump sufficient blood to the body.

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