Nightside Report June 15, 2021: How business owners feel about Gov. Whitmer’s $300 back-to-work bonus, Half million excess COVID vaccine doses set to expire in Michigan

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How business owners feel about Michigan Gov. Whitmer’s $300 back-to-work bonus

DETROITMichigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer proposed a $300 weekly back-to-work bonus as an incentive to get eligible workers back into the workforce.

The goal of the incentive is to ensure that Michiganders no longer have to choose between going back to work or still collecting a weekly unemployment check.

Whitmer said it’s a great way for everyone to transition back into the workforce following the COVID pandemic.

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The latest: Michigan coronavirus cases up to 892,651; Death toll now at 19,574

Metro Detroit weather: High temperatures in the 70s with low humidity expected Wednesday

We’re finally locked into some perfect conditions, but how long will our luck hold out?

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4 Fast Facts

  • Michigan State Police were on scene of a “death investigation” in Flat Rock on Tuesday. Click here to read more.
  • A man identified as a Warren police officer took to Facebook on a local media story and proceeded to make racially inflammatory comments. Click here to read more.
  • Repairs are being made to a bridge that’s seemingly falling apart. Click here to read more.
  • Jim Brandstatter, the Michigan football play-by-play announcer is defending Bo Schembechler against allegations that the late Michigan football coach knew about athletes being sexually abused by Dr. Robert Anderson. Click here to read more.

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Half million excess COVID vaccine doses set to expire in Michigan

Thousands of unwanted COVID vaccine doses are set to expire in Michigan and Canadian officials are asking for access to them so they don’t go to waste.

“I would just ask the politicians do everything you can to not let these vaccines go to waste,” David Musyj, with Windsor Regional Hospital, said.

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Common cold starts to spread fast as COVID restrictions are lifted

Masks, social distancing and staying home didn’t just protect people from COVID -- it also protected people from colds.

A common cold virus (RSV) is spreading across the South. The spread is causing an unusual wave of late spring disease, according to the CDC.

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Questions about coronavirus? Ask Dr. McGeorge

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