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Why did it take 3 months to investigate allegations of sex between students, teachers in Pontiac?

Pontiac residents are wondering why it's taken more than three months to start investigating allegations of inappropriate sexual relationships between students, teachers and administrators in the school district.

It's against the law to fail to report abuse allegations within 72 hours. Pontiac's superintendent said the district reported the allegations, but the Oakland County Sheriff's Office said that's not the case.

Why did it take 3 months to investigate allegations of sex between students, teachers in Pontiac?

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  • There are reports of the dangerous "kissing bug" moving north toward Michigan. Learn more .

  • Injuries to students and adults are much worse than anticipated after the Livingston County bus crash. Read more .

  • John Singleton, "Boyz n the Hood" director and writer, has died at the age of 51. Learn more .

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Washtenaw County Jail

The Washtenaw County sheriff has declared a state of emergency as staffing levels at the jail hit critical lows.

"People are tired," Cmdr. Eric Kunath said. "It's hard to work a double shift. You can only sustain that for so long."



A series of massive sinkholes in Highland Park is creating big safety concerns in an area filled with children and popular with commuters.

Work is being done to repair the mess along Second Street, but not enough was being done to secure the area.


Hamtramck is most stressed city in Michigan

A job-finder website performed a study and determined Hamtramck is the most stressed city in Michigan.

Zippia determined Hamtramck is a stressed city because not enough people are working, and those who are working have long hours and commutes.


Highland Park restaurant

 It is a small place in a pretty nondescript building, but what makes the new Woodward Avenue Bar and Grill special is where it is located.

It is in Highland Park, and the neighborhood has not seen a new restaurant in more than 20 years. 


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