Nightside Report May 25, 2021: Woman hopes new owners return lost service dog after Dearborn shelter adopts him out, Officials say those who are unvaccinated need to be cautious over Memorial Day weekend

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Family's beloved service dog lost then adopted by other family

Woman hopes new owners return lost service dog after Dearborn shelter adopts him out

DETROIT – The owner of a dog is hoping to get her beloved pet back home after the dog was adopted by someone else.

Latonya Everhart lost her 14-year-old dog named Mr. Tipps the day of her mother’s funeral, March 13. Family was visiting her home when he made it out of the house.

When she located the dog a short time later at a Dearborn shelter, she was told he had recently been adopted and there was nothing she could do.

“That’s a part of my family. It’s not just a pet, you know, he’s part of my family,” Everhart said. “Someone left the door open accidentally and he got out. And we were looking for him.”

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The latest: Michigan coronavirus cases up to 885,319; Death toll now at 19,019

Metro Detroit weather: Storm chances ramp up as cooler air invades

High temperatures are heading downward and storm chances are ramping up.

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Those who are unvaccinated against COVID need to be cautious over Memorial Day weekend, officials say

Across the country, the United States is hitting a critical mark with 50% of American adults now fully vaccinated against COVID.

The White House COVID Response Team is urging those who are unvaccinated to not let their guard down during Memorial Day weekend.

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Michigan bills push police changes year after Floyd death

Michigan lawmakers unveiled bipartisan bills Tuesday that would require updated use-of-force policies and make changes designed to hold police accountable for misconduct a year after the slaying of George Floyd in Minnesota.

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