‘This is a plea and a cry for help’: Michigan Rep. Jewell Jones remains behind bars after bond revoked

Representatives weigh in on situation

Jewell Jones has continued to be absent from Lansing amid his legal battles.

LANSING, Mich.Michigan Rep. Jewell Jones will remain behind bars after a judge revoked his bond. Thursday (Nov. 4) morning the judge decided to keep Jones in custody for at least another week.

That means his Inkster district is without legislative representation. Jones has been behind bars for 50 days since September. He has missed 22 legislative sessions. He has missed 87 votes.

“It’s been really disappointing to see that there’s somebody who went through everything, getting elected, getting the trust of their district and to make really poor decisions,” Rep. Mary Whiteford said.

Jones was caught on video earlier this year threatening officers, he violated his bond terms repeatedly and allegedly taped a handcuff key to his foot before he was processed into jail.

“Those decisions over and over and over again has made it so these people have no voice and this gentleman had so many great opportunities to do good things until he gave it up and so that’s what makes me so sad and disappointed,” Whiteford said.

Former Michigan Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo attended Jones’ hearing on Thursday and said Jones’ behavior is not indicative of the young man she knows and considers a son.

“I believe this is a plea and a cry for help. The pressure of the legislature is very, very tough as a person coming into elected office in his early 20′s and serving. It comes with challenges,” Gay-Dagnogo said.

Gay-Dagnogo and others around Jones said he has issues with alcohol and they want him to get the counseling he needs. Meantime, there is no push to remove Jones from office.

There are only two ways he can be removed. Either the legislature votes him out with a two-thirds majority or his district holds a recall. Neither appears in play at this point.

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