Judge orders independent attorneys to counsel parents of alleged Oxford High School shooter

ROCHESTER HILLS, MI — To ensure the parents of the alleged Oxford High School shooter don’t have a conflict of interest in their ongoing criminal cases, a judge has ordered independent lawyers to meet with both defendants. The Crumbleys are the parents of Ethan R. Crumbley, 15, who allegedly went on a shooting rampage in the hallways of Oxford High School in November, killing four people and wounding seven others. The Crumbley parents are both charged with four counts of involuntarily manslaughter, with prosecutors maintaining they were criminally negligent in not preventing the shooting. In a Feb. 24 preliminary examination for the Crumbley parents, witnesses testified Ethan had expressed having a mental breakdown and was experiencing hallucinations. Read more:Prosecutor asks court to stop using accused Oxford High School shooter’s name“How do I get my fan mail?” Accused Oxford High shooter’s jail messages revealed in courtParents of accused Oxford High School shooter told him to ‘suck it up,’ laughed when he asked for help, police testifyCourt hearing for accused Oxford High School shooter’s parents centers on demons, voices, guns, infidelity‘My son ruined so many lives,’ horse trainer says mom of accused Oxford High shooter messaged herAccused Oxford High shooter discussed raping, killing a female classmate, prosecution saysJudge to determine if accused Oxford High shooter should be moved to juvenile facility