How Detroit suburbs voted in 2020 presidential election

Biden wins big in Wayne, Oakland counties while Trump holds onto Macomb County

Michigan Nov. 3, 2020 General Election results by county (AP)

We’re taking a closer look at how Metro Detroit voted for president in the Nov. 3 General Election.

The city of Detroit voted overwhelmingly in favor of Joe Biden -- 233,908 total votes for the Biden-Harris ticket compared to just 12,654 for the incumbent President Trump. Detroit’s election turnout was 49.56% -- 250,138 total votes out of 504,714 registered voters.

Overall, Wayne County was a definitive vote for Biden -- 68.12% of the vote. That’s 587,074 votes for the Democratic ticket in Wayne County.

In Oakland County, Biden won with 56.36% of the vote -- 433,982 total votes for the Democrat.

Macomb County was the lone member of the tri-county region to vote red -- 53.28% of the vote was for Trump in Macomb County (264,535 votes). It was the tightest of the three major Metro Detroit counties.

Here’s a look at how all Michigan counties voted -- notice Livingston County’s strong support for Trump:

When you review this map, you realize what a high percentage of Michigan residents live in Metro Detroit. About 5 million people live in Metro Detroit -- Michigan’s total population is about 9.8 million according to the most recent census data.

It’s not at all surprising to see Detroiters select the Democratic option, but what about some of the surrounding suburbs?

Let’s take a look at the unofficial results being reported by local clerk offices:

Selected suburbs:

Here are a few key suburbs to look at:


  • Biden -- 31,818 votes (49.88%)
  • Trump -- 30,624 votes (48.00%)

How Livonia voted in 2016:

  • Trump -- 28,263 votes (50.13%)
  • Clinton -- 24,182 votes (42.89%)

Plymouth Township

  • Biden -- 9,943 votes (50.71%) ✅
  • Trump -- 9,386 votes (47.87%)

How Plymouth Township voted in 2016:

  • Trump -- 8,842 votes (50.60%)
  • Clinton -- 7,563 votes (43.28%)


  • Biden -- 20,465 votes (54.20%) ✅
  • Trump -- 14,623 votes (40.88%)

How Novi voted in 2016:

  • Trump -- 13,225 votes (44.32%)
  • Clinton -- 14,974 votes (50.18%)


  • Biden -- 27,061 votes (54.42%) ✅
  • Trump -- 21,725 votes (43.69%)

How Troy voted in 2016:

  • Trump -- 20,101 votes (47.05%)
  • Clinton -- 20,412 votes (47.78%)


  • Biden -- 39,698 votes (56.00%) ✅
  • Trump -- 29,816 votes (42.06%)

What comes next in Michigan’s ballot-counting process

Counties across the state have already started canvassing -- reviewing vote tallies. At this point, candidates can make challenges to individual votes and canvassers can correct counting errors. The process must be complete by Nov. 17 when county boards have to send totals to the Secretary of State.

On Nov. 23, the state Board of Canvassers meet to conduct another review of the totals and hear more challenges. The board then certifies those votes and approves the electors for the Electoral College.

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Michigan is required by law to certify its votes on Dec. 8 or have Congress involved if they’re disputed.

On Dec. 14, Michigan’s 16 electors meet to vote for the candidates their names represented on the ballot. According to state law, electors are required to vote for the candidate they represent or they risk being removed and replaced. Once those votes are cast, they’re sent to Congress on Jan. 6 to be certified and made official in the Senate.

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