The NIGHTSIDE report -- Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019

View of Detroit from the Windsor sky camera Jan. 17, 2019 at 4:47 p.m.

Several inches of snowfall, sub-zero wind chills this weekend

Thursday night's flurries and light snow will be wrapped up before midnight, leaving Metro Detroit with less than an inch of accumulation -- much less in most spots. Temperatures are on their way to the mid-20s, which will seem like a vacation compared to what's coming this weekend.

Metro Detroit weather: Several inches of snowfall, sub-zero wind chills this weekend

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4 fast facts

  • A Detroit man who had been missing for a month has been found dead. Read more .

  • Four Audi employees have been charged in an alleged emissions test scandal. Learn more .

  • Click here to find out how you can see the super blood moon, the result of a total lunar eclipse this weekend.

  • Experts are saying the world needs a new diet. Read more .

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Man saves dog who fell through ice

A man in Livingston County sprang into action to rescue his dog who fell through ice chasing a toy.


Sex trafficking rescue

Detroit police Chief James Craig said authorities rescued two missing girls from being moved to Atlanta for sex trafficking.


Dogs chained to tree

Officials from the Detroit Police Department and Detroit Animal Care and Control confronted the owner of three pit bull mixes that were found chained to a tree in the front yard of a vacant house.


Guns drawn in arrest

Video shows guns being drawn and tensions escalating as Highland Park police arrested a popular DJ for being on his own property.


Pelosi trip

President Donald Trump is postponing what he's calling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's "seven-day excursion" to Egypt, Afghanistan and Brussels in apparent payback for her asking him to reschedule his State of the Union speech because of the partial government shutdown.


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