Ypsilanti city leaders call installing license plate readers an invasion of privacy

YPSILANTI, MI - If a proposal to blanket Ypsilanti Township with automated license plate readers for use by police moves forward, the city of Ypsilanti would be surrounded by the devices capturing information from passing vehicles. The license plate reader proposal, under consideration by Ypsilanti Township officials while the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office seeks feedback from residents to decide if it wants to use the technology, will affect city residents too, Ypsilanti City Council Member Brian Jones-Chance said. Though some language in Ypsilanti city meeting documents referred to “red-light license plate readers,” the kind that automatically issue traffic citations, the Ypsilanti resolution was intended to oppose the automated readers the township is pursuing, used for different purposes, Ypsilanti Council Member Annie Somerville said during Tuesday’s meeting. On Aug. 23, the City Council is slated to take up an ordinance prohibiting the installation or use of electronic license plate scanning devices within the city and will have a public hearing on the measure during its regular meeting at 7 p.m., according to a city notice. More from The Ann Arbor News:‘I don’t want a Big Brother state’: Sheriff discusses license plate readers in Ypsilanti TownshipOspreys nesting high up in Michigan cell tower are sign of species’ comebackYpsilanti police investigating shots fired outside homeLincoln football aims to ‘push over the top’ and return to postseason